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Introduction Of Hours Calculator

This calculator is used to enter the number of working hours and is used to calculate the employees total working hours.  This service is used to calculate the hours between two dates with time and gives accurate result in duration, counting the number of years, days, month, week, minute and second. It provides effectiveness for any purpose.

Time Sheet Instruction And Time Sheet Control

It is mainly designed for the purpose of daily wages workers and also used in MNC companies. We can able to calculate the total number of hours the employees are worked using the hours calculator and one of the main advantages is break or lunch time automatically reduced. It shows the totals for daily and weekly work hours.


Time sheet control is used to control the detection of work like lunch and break hours. It has the so many options like calculate, reset all and print this. The calculate is used to maintain the full history about the employee attendance, number of working hours and this is used to help in payroll management. Reset all is used to reset all the working hours and break all detection entries. Print this option is used to print all the weekly and monthly report.

Description And Advantages About The Time Clock Wizard

The time clock wizard is the electronic device and is used to calculate the employee in and out time. at the same time it sent the report of working hours and convert into the rupees, dollars and cent. It is the electronic software and it does not give the fake result. It provides the accurate hours and all the companies are using this same device. It provides the clear reports and manipulates the multiple numbers of employee schedules.  It has so many advantages such as, the person can ability to set the nearer and more minutes. It is highly professional and has capability to edit the clock in and clock out time. When the workers are late to the office or not working properly the manger will automatically get the email or some messages. By using this device the manager can keep their company with profitable.